What is RPA?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is an innovative technology which uses software robots to automate manual, repetitive, rule-based business processes which used to be performed by humans.

Office applications

Read/send e-mails, data extract, data input

Web pages, portals

Information extract, data input

ERP applications

Data input, data extract, report generation

Software robots operate like digital workforce.


Where can RPA be used?

RPA is industry and process agnostic, which means that any digital process in organizations working in any sectors can be automated.


Proliferation of RPA softwares

First, the technology was adapted by business process outsourcing organizations. They have been followed by bigger banks and insurance companies. Nowadays, RPA is the most dynamically developing enterprise software segment according to Gartner. The PaaS/Cloud model makes RPA affordable for SMBs.

Users of RPA softwares

Users of RPA software applications are present in telecommunication, logistics, professional services, manufacturing or public services sectors. Almost there is not a single sector where we cannot find successful RPA implementations.

RPA use cases

Automation of business processes with Automation Anywhere tools

Uploading daily exchange rates to Oracle Fusion ERP system with Automation Anywhere A2019 Enterprise

Uploading Oracle Fusion outgoing invoices to Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration with UiPath platform

What are the benefits?

RPA helps the digital transformation of organizations and contribute to their long-term competitiveness in several ways.


Increases the quality of process outputs and approaches 100 % accuracy.

Business focus

Previously, automation of complex business processes required the help of IT. Now, business users can easily master the use of RPA and build their own automation.

Integrated IT systems

Facilitates the flexible and cost-effective integration of isolated IT systems (silos) in the company.

Value creation

Liberates the employee from the repetitive, monotonous, manual labour of some processes so they can concentrate on other tasks that have higher value added, are creative or need decision on complex matters.


Helps the data-driven management of companies by making the data used by robots accessible and analysable.


Operates business processes faster with less error and less human resource.

How can we help?

We know that choosing and implementing such a complex software is a big task that we can help with.


Business process assessment

Our highly trained consultants have many years of experience in business analysis and consulting.

RPA software

We offer different RPA software to our clients: Automation Anywhere, UiPath

RPA project

Our professional services cover the complete RPA lifecycle from Design, through Implementation, to Maintenance.

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